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Treasures of Bulgaria - Peter Konstantinov

ISBN: 954-07-1518-0
АВТОР: Peter Konstantinov

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...eginning of 1970-s - the oldest processed gold in the world, the treasures of the Thracian rulers from the 2-nd and 1-st millenium BC, hundreds of artifacts from the Greek city-states on the coasts of Black and ... Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency, Bulgarian news in ... ... ... The Thracian Treasures of Bulgaria. The Panagyurishte Treasure was discovered on December 8, 1949 by three brothers near the town of Panagyurishte, 100 km east of Sofia and 80 km north of Plovdiv. It comprises nine 24-karat gold vessels that weigh approximately 7 kilograms: an amphora, a phiale and seven rhytons. The Treasures of Bulgaria is a fully escorted tour with professional guide. The tour is a m ... Treasures - Bulgaria ... . It comprises nine 24-karat gold vessels that weigh approximately 7 kilograms: an amphora, a phiale and seven rhytons. The Treasures of Bulgaria is a fully escorted tour with professional guide. The tour is a mixture of the beautiful countryside and historical heritage. From the ancient Thracian sites to charming Orthodox monasteries, beautiful mountain ranges, and medieval ruins that are testaments of Medieval grandeur. Bulgaria-Romania Treasures, tour bulgaria romania, visit bran castle, visit vile tarnovo, guided tours in romania and bulgaria, visit the rila monastery +359 878 95 64 14 Log in The Thracians (Bulgarian: ... To date, more than 80 Thracian treasures have been excavated in Bulgaria which was the cradle of the Thracian civilization. Refer to the map which explicitly shows the territory of present-day Bulgaria. Thracian treasure hoards ... treasures in bulgaria Култура, изкуство, музика, обичаи в България Сваляне на песни и музика Mp3 файлове безплатно The Treasures of Bulgaria Автор: Boni Petrunova. Хартиено издание ... "The Panagyurishte treasure, Turn of the Fourth and Third Century B.C., Archaeological Museum, Plovdiv, items 361-369". Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria: Checklist of The Special Exhibition, June 11- September 4, 1977, coordinated by Dietrich von Bothmer. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1977 Treasures of Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria. 410 likes. Raise the knowledge for Bulgaria and what it has to offer for every traveler. Bulgaria - Thracian Treasures, Sofia, Bulgaria. 25 652 харесвания · 216 говорят за това. The Oldest Golden Treasure in the World -The Thracians - DISCOVER BULGARIA An exhibition of artefacts saved by police from being smuggled out of the country, entitled "Rescued Treasures of Bulgaria" opens at the Archaeological Museum in Sofia on November 7 and continues until January 27 2019. INFO: Bulgaria and Macedonia Treasures combines the most interesting and significant sites of both Bulgaria and Macedonia. It is a unique possibility to combine two countries where history has interlaced throughout the centuries. Still very rich cultural and historical sites today will make you fall in love with this remote area of Eastern Europe. Year of issue: 2008 : Series: Treasures of Bulgaria : Metal: Silver 999 /1000 Gold Plated Coin Weight: 20 grams (0.64 ounces) Silver content: 19.98 grams (0.64 ounces) Belintash -- ancient Bulgarian mystery! A Thracian sanctuary of God Sabazius of the tribe Bessi or an ancient map of the Stars? Episode of the series "Treasures of Bulgaria". Treasure-hunting for Bulgarian antiques. Treasure-hunting in Bulgaria is banned but you can see many people scavenging the areas around historic places. they carry metal detectors and other equipment and can be seen normally at dusk. If you are a treasure-hunter you need to know that if you are caught there are serious sanctions. The treasures of Bulgaria & Macedonia. 9 days/8 nights. Sofia - 7 Rila Lakes - Bansko - Dobarsko - Melnik - Rozhen - Rupite - Stip - Prilep - Bitola - Ohrid - Tetovo - Skopje - Rila Monastery - Sofia In 2005 the Bulgarian National Bank started a new gold plated .999 silver coin series called Treasures of Bulgaria. The first coin of the series was dedicated to the sensational discovery of a Thracian gold mask in the summer of 2004, when a team of Bulgarian archeologists unearthed a large, intact Thracian mausoleum (Kosmatka Tomb) dating back from the 5th century BC near the central ......